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Clay Roof Tile
Clay tiles have all the equivalent advantages of concrete tile, and they also tend to last even longer on average when compared to concrete tiles. Many people love the rustic look of clay tiles and swear by their unwavering performance. Paired with professional underlayment we provide, a clay tile roof can last 35 years on average through our strenuous Florida climate and up to even 50 years still in prime shape. Clay tiles can be expensive but the performance they deliver saves many homeowners and business owners costly burden down the line. We love the traditional terra cotta colored clay tiles that can be found across Miami and in Mediterranean and Latin American countries across the globe. If you are searching for a more custom look to your roof, clay tiles now come in almost any color, with additional enamel brought into the baking process of clay tiles to make ceramics. People also love clay tile for their natural make up and the fact that they can be recycled and provide a beautiful and eco-friendly solution to your home.
Clay tiles are energy efficient as well. Due to the shape of most tiles, they naturally preserve sub-layers of your roof keeping out additional heat, water, wind and other weather.
Additionally , clay tiles are naturally fireproof and will not break in the event of a fire. This combined with the wind resistance clay tiles provide can keep you knowing you are protected from the elements with your new roof, even when you can’t see it in action. We like to call clay tiles elegant protection, even against wood rot. They provide reinforcement in a multitude of situations. Over the years, we had many customers with bat infestations under their old tile roof, and although this can be unnerving for homeowners, we will take care of it.
Metal Roof Tile
We can install numerous various types of tile that can be added to your roof. Many people know about metal panel and clay tile roofs but do not know they metal tiles exist as well. Many of our costumers prefer the pleasing aesthetic of a metal tile over metal panels. Metal tiles can be designed to imitate the look of clay, slate or concrete tiles, yet provide the added benefits of metal. Though they are not as heavy as concrete tiles, they can provide a lot of protection and wind, rain, and debris with straight forward maintenance.
We have installed metal tiles made of both galvalume and steel which provide strength and long lasting beauty. Metal tiles can be coated in several colors and finishes to provide your home with the look and functionality you desire. We also know that some homes cannot handle the weight of clay tile roof, and metal tiles are far lighter than clay or concrete tiles and many are manufactured to perfectly interlock to provide weather resistance and energy efficiency for the lifespan of your roof, just like traditional tile roofing. Many metal tiles are designed to work with truss systems which takes the weight away from your roof and towards your load baring walls. The weight factor of these tiles can give you peace of mind knowing you have both an elegant and structurally sound home, installed by a team of expert craftsman.
Concrete Roof Tile
We also specialize in another popular Florida style roofing option, concrete tile. Concrete tile is not just stylish but also very functional too. Concrete tiles can last up to thirty years in Florida. In some other places around the world the lifespan can be double that, but we know how our climate goes here at home, and extreme weather can always effect a home. Many people love concrete tile because it has proven to show reliability as a sound roofing material in home renovation for over a century. Concrete tiles like other tile roofing options provide interlocking anatomy so that your tiles stay put for the lifetime of your roof. This mechanism also keeps water, wind and other weather out of your home. Because concrete is made of cement, sand and water, you will be reassured to see your roof last through extreme conditions. The way this mixture bonds proves to be an excellent alternative to other roofing options for its stability and permanence. A lot of our customers appreciate the cost benefits of concrete tiles when compared to other traditional alternatives.
Do you love the natural and aesthetic look of a slate roof? Maybe you already have one. Great! Then you know that slate is one of the longest lasting roofing systems. In some places slate roofing has been known to last over 100 years, and in Florida can last an average of 30 to 50 years which is very high considering our weather patterns and hurricanes. Slate can come in several colors like blue, green, red, black and even purple while keeping a very natural look. Slate tiles are often hand made offering true craftsmanship appeal to your home or business. Slate can break or chip as pieces are a-symmetrical, but they are still known to be quite durable. Another factor to their durability is the heavy weight of slate. We know the best manufacturers to source slate tiles and can work with you on a beautiful look for your home. ​


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