Istueta Roofing

Istueta Roofing vs. Elite Roofing

In this week’s addition of local highlights, we are taking a look at a Miami staple in residential roofing industry. Istueta Roofing has been around since1985 making a name for itself throughout Dade county and beyond. We love to highlight local Miami companies who have shown excellence in the roofing industry, and these guys are at the top of our list.

They offer all services from small repairs, to full replacements, and even regular maintenance. They can help you plan for a new home construction, and draw up plans for the roof you want on your dream house. They’re employees from the sales staff to the installers, are all professionals with years of experience under their belt.

What we love about Istueta Roofing that may seem like a small thing to mention, is that they are meticulous when it comes to cleaning up a job site after an installation. Some contractors in the area will leave a home with debris and broken shrubs or tree branches all over the place from hauling materials to the top of a customers home. Istueta makes sure that when they are finished up on your property, you can enjoy your new roof replacement and not have to think about hiring a cleaning company or doing it yourself.

Istueta specializes in residential roofing, but they offer several options for materials. They are well versed in installing metal, flat, and clay tile roofs. We all know how popular clay tile roofs are, encompassing a classic Miami style, and these guys know how to make it look beautiful.

Another fact that we love about Istueta roofing is they started as a small family run business back in 1985, and still today are family owned and operated by Frank Istueta and many family members who serve in various positions to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

Now as a larger company, they have refined their skills and specialties, and are specifically exceptional at new roof installations on luxury homes, including ocean front properties.

If you are in the market for a new roof, on your beachside home, and looking for long lasting tile or metal roofing, Istueta is an excellent option with the experience and reliability you need to give you peace of mind on your project.