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There are several variants of gutter materials that home and business owners can choose from. Copper gutters are highly regarded as one of the best options for their elegant look and finish. The beautiful trim a copper gutter system can bring to your house is undeniable. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but also quite functional. Copper gutters do not need to be painted, decreasing maintenance costs of down the line. Copper also does not rust so in addition to avoiding paint, worry of rust is circumvented with this build. There are two main designs of copper gutter systems including sectional and seamless systems. Sectional systems are top quality and provide strong copper sections usually in several feet in length for the main sections, along with smaller jointed sections for corners.
Seamless systems are also of great quality and like the name suggests, they are built without seams and avoid weak points for leakage. The only downside of seamless systems is they tend to be thinner and made of 16 oz. copper, but this can also save you money.
Aluminum gutters are another prime choice and do not rust. Aluminum gutters can be a great option without breaking the bank. Some Florida home and business owners veer away from aluminum gutters because they are very lightweight, which has its benefits, but can also become dilapidated through our yearly hurricane season here in Miami. And although aluminum gutters can last years when well maintained, they can produce marks and indentations over time.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel gutters are also another popular choice for their rust free material structure. Some people view stainless gutters as too eye catching, but they can look beautiful on many home designs. These tend to be at the high end of the price range when choosing through systems but they can also last the same lifetime of your home without replacement.
PVC is also referred to as vinyl and are made of a durable plastic. PVC is strong, resists rust, and scratch resistant. These gutters are common in South Florida because they are low cost and low maintenance. They are usually the cheapest option but also only last around 10 years, far less than copper and other options. Quality vinyl gutters come in seamless form to sidestep leaks and damage to your home and foundation. PVC gutters are usually white in color but can come in several variations. 


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