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PVC flat roof solutions are very popular these days because the white membrane of a PVC roof acts like a mirror reflecting UV rays back into the sky instead of bringing the heat they give off into your home or damaging your roof.
A BUR or Built-Up flat roof is another popular flat roof choice. BUR consists of seven main layers including a corragated steel deck or similar structural deck usually 18-22 cm below, followed by a vapor barrier on top which is usually a mechanically attached polyisoyanurate insulation with fasteners, then a roof insulation cover board, followed by a bonding agent which most times consists of asphalt, then a vent base sheet, then several repeated layers of ply sheets and roofing asphalt, until applying a top layer of roofing gravel or a reflective cap sheet depending on your choosing.
BUR is a very cost effective roofing system that can last very long with fairly straight forward general maintenance when surface layers need to be replaced. They are also a great protection for storms, the sun’s UV rays, and water. And the best part is, they can withstand people like you and me walking on the surface regularly without any consequential detriments.
The next type of flat roofing is EPDM. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer which is essentially a highly durable roofing membrane made up of synthetic rubber that can withstand very high heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. With a roof this tough, it is another great way to increase efficiency in your house, without worrying about adding to your air conditioning bill during our hot Florida summers. EPDM roofing is lightweight, quick to install, and can save you a lot of money compared to other types of roofing. We call EPDM a rubber roof, and they have four main layers. The bottom layer is an elastomeric layer, followed by a AFR fire retardant, below a layer consisting of polyester for added fortitude the same fabric that is in some clothes we wear. The top layer is usually a white on black rubber membrane that makes it harder for UV rays to penetrate the lower polymer and also reflects the heat. A black rubber membrane layer can also be used. Both of these surface solutions are hardwearing and made to last without tearing through impacts like normal foot traffic or falling debris.
We recommend modified bitumen flat roofing for our extreme budget minded customers. This is usually the cheapest roofing replacement option when it comes to flat roofing. Like some of the other options like BUR, bitumen also has an asphalt base layer. The thin surface membrane of bitumen can become torn and weak over the years and may have to be replaced every 5-10 years. This is a great solution to a flat roof, but does need more overall maintenance when compared to some other choices. Many homes and businesses continue to implement bitumen and do not mind the more regular maintenance because it is reasonably affordable.
TPO roofing is another energy and cost efficient way to solve your needs. TPO stands for thermo polyolefine and it is a single layer surface membrane for a flat roof. It is not actually plastic like you may think, but another rubber roof solution like EPDM. It is also a very strong option that can withstand impact very well. And like others it has a white surface membrane, but TPO is welded with heat at the edges so that leaks are few and far between. The white surface also reflects UV rays and provides an added benefit during the summer months when a home or business can get hot and the roof can suffer. With TPO you will not have these problems.


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